What is SmartGoals?

SmartGoals is having fun and getting better in your sport. SmartGoals is an innovative sports system for everybody. SmartGoals is used by grassroots up to the Champions League and from physical disability sports to physical education. SmartGoals is available for: football, field hockey, fitness and physical education.

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How Does SmartGoals Work?

You can score in every SmartGoals that lights up. Scoring can be done by running, shooting, dribbling, skateboarding, wheel chairing etc. through the SmartGoal that lights up. After a score a new random SmartGoal will light up and that is the new target. This change in target creates a continuous challenge to score as fast as possible for players at every level and in different types of exercises. SmartGoals creates dynamic and fun exercises and you will encounter a feeling of success every time you run through.

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Smart Phone App

Empower yourself with the SmartGoals app which allows you to use the advanced features of the SmartGoals. For Android and IOS.

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SmartGoals Physical Education Training

SmartGoals Physical Education for Schools is an interactive training system in which normal cones have been transformed into SmartGoals that light up. This light will jump to a new random SmartGoal when a student runs or passes through it. This allows you to train dynamic, unexpected and real competitive situations in a fun way! The SmartGoals provide an extra experience in training including awareness, split vision, speed of action and keeping an overview. These aspects are of crucial importance in contemporary sports.

We have also developed a training platform. Here are about 100 different training forms with SmartGoals. The training courses are divided into different training goals such as warm-up, moves & skills, fitness, finishing and games.

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SmartGoals - A Dutch Innovation

SmartGoals is a product developed and produced in the Netherlands. The start-up company is a cooperation between the Eindhoven university of technology, the city of Eindhoven, Spinnov and the VDL-Group.

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SmartGoals Packages

SmartGoals Accessories


SmartGoals a revolution in sports has arrived

SmartGoals in action training examples

SmartGoals training skills with René Meulensteen

Hans van Breukelen about SmartGoals

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