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Volleyball Competition Posts

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Volleyball Competition Posts
German DVV 1-High Quality Standard Posts


SKU : 10001452

Package contents

  • Volleyball competition posts, of high quality standard, net tensioning device and continuous height adjustment integrated into the posts
  • Height adjustment with removable winder (crank) is possible even with the net at full tension.
Made in Germany

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More Information - Competition Posts

Game variants
Although the game remains the same, there are different game variations for volleyball. You have volleyball, indoor volleyball, beach volleyball, foot volley and so on. Different volleyball posts have been developed for each game variant. Many of our materials are therefore suitable for several variants of volleyball. Disabled people have also been thought of!

Volleyball materials at Preau Sports
For all your indoor and outdoor volleyball materials you can go to Preau Sports, the range of volleyball materials consists of:

  • Multifunctional posts (volleyball, foot volley, tennis, badminton, etc.)
  • Multifunctional posts outdoor (including ground pots
  • 'Unbreakable' volleyball posts for public playing fields
  • Mobile volleyball post set for volleyball and basketball

At Preau Sports you can go for all your quality sports and furnishing materials. Together with our partner, we are always ready for the installation and installation of your newly purchased sports equipment.

Our supply program for volleyball consists of volleyball posts, multifunctional posts for various ball sports, posts for playgrounds, nets and much more.

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